Traits of an NHS Member

Character traits
Reliablility Trustworthiness
Sincerity Fairness
Honesty Caring
Responsibility Responsibility
The power of the mind to dispel ignorance and superstition through scientific investigation of truth.
  Students must obtain an A- GPA  and maintain it to remain in NHS.
Before being invited to join the Rock Port Chapter of National Honor Society a student must maintain an A- GPA for at least 4 semesters and be enrolled in Rock Port High School for at least one whole semester.
Leadership skills
Demonstrates initiative
Exercises positive influence on peers
Able to delegate responsibilities
Exemplifies and inspires positive behavior and attitudes
Service Skills
Works well with others
Shows courtesy and enthusiasm in all activities
Willing to represent the class, school, or organization.



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Through leadership, dedication, innovation, and community partnership,
we will provide opportunities for all students to maximize their potential
and become caring, moral, productive, and self-reliant citizens.


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